Voter Relationship Manager

The Bespoke CRM for Parties

Parties, social movements and fan-based brands have special needs during their data operations. There is no ready-to-use software available for all of these complex tasks.

Voter Relationship Manager (VRM) is a GDPR compliant party and campaign management tool that can be installed for your organization in a tailor-made fashion. Specifically addressing your needs:

  • Membership registration
  • Donation tool
  • Party membership fee payment registration
  • Segmented internal sharing of the central database
  • Integration with call-centers and robocall systems
  • Mass email integration
  • Integration with online advertisement management softwares
  • GOTV tools to help election day mobilization

We have already installed different modules of this system for multiple clients, so our implementation cycle is quicker than a new development from scratch.

VRM is always installed together with DatAdat’s two other softwares, WinWith.Me and Digitribe – our clients are able to use our state of the art, integrated social media and Messenger bot solutions. With these softwares the database will be able to combine the benefits of offline and phone-based database building solutions with our social media profiling system that analyses all of the registered users’ social media interactions (post likes, quick reply answers, shares, clicked links).

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