How will you win with WinWith.Me and Digitribe?

Political campaigns always aspire to build an interactive relationship with voters. Campaign managers believe that interactions are great for building commitment and they are right. Hence, it is a big miss if you leave our tool – WinWith.Me – The Messenger for Politicians – out of your campaign portfolio as Messenger is a genuinely interactive tool built for meaningful conversations.

Engagement is a form of mobilization, for example, and any action taken by the voters in the context of mobilization adds to our understanding of them, creating new data and potentially novel insights that foster engagement, mobilization and yet deeper understanding. The whole process is not unidirectional and straightforward, but circular; the various layers of the Digitribe's activities reinforce one another, creating a strong community that will champion the politician and the causes they have embraced.

If you want to build a lasting political coalition that is viable and competitive in a 21stcentury political, digital and data environment, you will unavoidably need a data management and analysis tool. There are many benefits to our Digitribe system in particular, and we would appreciate any opportunity to present these in detail. In addition to contacting us if you’re interested, you may also want to explore or product descriptions or our blog for further information about our product and news concerning the broader political and market context.

While you look at the options, keep two things in mind. For one, when it comes to digital data analysis tools, the question is now longer if but when. You can safely assume that adopting such tools today is more likely to balance the playing field than to tilt it in your favor. Second, the underlying industry is very much in turmoil, with new ideas being introduced every day, and users having trouble keeping up with the assortment of options at their disposal. In such times, it benefits you hugely to have an experienced hand with a strong background in data analysis, digital technology, campaign planning and law to help you manage something as cardinal as your digital voter relations.

You will build strong, meaningful relationships with your voter will help you communicate with your voters in a personalized and conversational manner at scale. Are you interested in their opinion before a vote? Would you like to know which was the most catching sound-bite you said on TV last night? Wouldn’t it be great to discuss with your voters which were the most relevant pieces of news last week?

One of our clients used WinWith.Me for a regular exchange of opinion with his voters. As a main talking head of his party, he had to address the Parliament every week. He asked his subscribers every Friday what he should speak about next Monday. He offered two options and his voters loved to take part in the political decision-making process. He had the chance to describe briefly two topics he cared about and he could also use the wisdom of crowds to make the better choice. His early response rates were above 80%. After the fourth week, he asked his subscribers if they want to receive these updates and if they want to influence his parliamentary speeches. More than 50% of his subscribers opted in. Those who opted in engaged with these messages at a very high rate.

A very important side effect of this project was a very useful addition of the profiles of those voters who participated in this initiative. Our client gained a very useful insight of what are the major issues for his voters, which issues are preferred by them one by one. It was a very good starting point for the future personalized mobilization efforts.

These interactive moments of conversation will build long-term trust between you and your voters. They will appreciate that you care about their opinion. And if you find a good tone of voice it will be a great experience for them.

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